2018 Ice Fishing Derby Prizes and Prize Pools

The Togue Prize Pool has been increased to $1,000. KTP Gift Card (1st Place), $500. KTP Gift Card (2nd Place) and $250. KTP Gift Card (3rd Place).


Over $12,500 in combined total prizes for Sebago and Cumberland County Derbies.

For a complete list of this year’s ice fishing derby promotions and prize pools please click on the links below:

Even if you don’t Ice Fish, You Can Still Win!!!

Awards Ceremony – All prizes will be awarded at 6pm on Sunday, February 25th at the Windham Indoor Shooting Range located at 999 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, ME. For more information call:  Cyndy Bell, President of the Sebago Lake Rotary Club at 207-577-6654 or Deb McPhail at 207-838-3339.

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